J'aime Gianopoulos is a clear vision and pure heart in the world of film. I have known and worked with her for some years now and have always felt nothing but the highest level of integrity in her approach for capturing and sharing sacred story. J'aime is ultimately professional and respects agreements on all levels. The power of her work, I believe, is the womanhood that powers it. It's her feminine softness that makes her such a delight to be with and work with, but then her rabid sharpness and mother's eagle eye that demands her respect. I believe that J'aime Gianopolous has an incredible career ahead of her and is one to watch. Her works to date have brought a huge amount of culture and reawakening to her audiences. I would recommend anyone the opportunity of working alongside her.

Christina 'Fire Mane' Charley


I have had the pleasure of working with Jaime Gianopolous in a number of capacities that continually amaze me with her sense of creative vision and execution. I experience her as open and receptive to my needs as a client in creating a vision for myself, my brand and creative projects as well as contributing to them in a way that feels unintrusive and expansive. Jaime’s not only has the creativity to turns dreams into visual realities but holds a presence and ethic in both her work and personal life that is a joy to witness, and a rare gift in this industry to uphold such reverence for a higher good and meaning. I am excited for our future opportunities to continue weaving visions together to serve humanity through consciously created media that uplifts and inspires others to take life-promoting action in their own lives.

Luna Love

Women’s Leadership Mentor,

Entrepreneur & Visionary Change Catalyst


"J'aime is a visionary, a joyful creative of pure magic. In communion with the spirit of the Muse, she shoots with skill, devotion and the willingness to be moved. Her subjects blossom and unfold with ease, exploring each moment as kissed by the sweet nectar of the complete freedom and play that she embodies. As a deep woman, she holds the capacity for a largely unseen realm - the shadowy realm of myth and mystery - to reveal itself curiously. Like all extraordinary artists, she seeks and recognizes the presence of this uncommon visitor and consistently performs perhaps the greatest feat of magic: she eternalizes it."

Aiyana Sage